Classwork: Painting #5

I took an online class in abstract painting during November/December 2020. For more info, see the introduction in this post featuring the first painting I did in the class.

The class was structured with a short lecture at the beginning of class covering an abstract painter’s work and using it as a springboard to discuss abstract art principles. Then we students painted at our individual studios.

Thank you to my fellow students and my teacher, Kassem Amoudi.

Here is the next painting in this series. It’s called Hurry and it’s 20″ x 16″, done in acrylics.

And here is the progression as it went through its creation:

This painting did not change much over the couple of weeks I worked on it after it got to a near-finished stage. I kept adding or substracting a little here or there. Finally I just stopped. It was fine. Let it be.

7 thoughts on “Classwork: Painting #5

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. This poor painting underwent so many layers and changes. Finally I stopped. I was not sure I liked it but I needed to stop being inside it (or it being inside my head!) After these intervening weeks I like it. I feel the same way, that she is about to cross into new territory.

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