Panorama Drama

Yes, I know it doesn’t rhyme, this blog post title, but it looks good, right?

Back to the subject. In September 2020 I took an online course covering special effects possible with the phone camera. One thing I learned about was using the panorama setting.

If you speed along faster than the camera wants to go (it tells you to slow down, but you don’t) you can get some pretty crazy pictures. Like these. Take a look.

This is my desk area in my studio.

This is my dining room.

This is my view from behind my main art work table. FYI the table is 6 feet long in real life.

This is another view from behind my table, looking at a different side of the room.

I love the crazy compressed skewed out-of-proportion views I get with this technique. Try it. It might make you a little dizzy but it’s a fun kind of disorienting.

4 thoughts on “Panorama Drama

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    I am hopeless at using panorama function. I always end up getting a wobble at least once in the image. Also, my kids like to move or change position when I am taking a panorama shot with often hilarious results.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      See? You were just doing it the artistic way. I have gotten some fantastically wacky results that I really like, using this method, and I never worry anymore about the gaps or sways that happen. I am now seeing it all in a different way?

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