Reflection and Drawing

Recently I posted photos of window reflections from a walk I took in Ardmore PA this summer. Here is another photo of the barbershop I showed you and a drawing I made from it.

I did not try to capture the feeling of reflections here. Instead, I treated the photo as a series of shapes and images lying flat, and worked with the resulting patterns and how they interacted.

I enjoyed it and I will try this kind of thing again.

7 thoughts on “Reflection and Drawing

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I realized what interests me so much in these reflection photos is the layering, and I wondered how it would work to compress all of them into one plane full of patterns. I enjoyed drawing this and I think it gave another perspective on the reflection photo idea.

  1. healinghands231

    Very nice, I like your version of using shapes and images lying flat. I feel like this made it almost like an interesting cartoon scene. I also like the shade of the pencil you used, and how that added detail and depth to the checkered flooring. 👌🏽

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I tend to see little depth in general, anyway (I have some eyesight issues) and to me, most things are patterns and shapes overlaying each other. So I really liked working on something like this – all the pieces fitting together like a puzzle, rather than a scene, I guess. I would like to do more of these.

      1. healinghands231

        You’re most welcome, and I would like you to do more of these too. I will enjoy scrolling through and admiring each one.

        ‘Patterns and shapes overlaying each other’ that’s a clever way of viewing things, it brings so much personality to your drawing 🤍

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