Library Card Collages

Here’s how it goes. I take a library card (purchased from a library supply company, because I like these cards for many reasons, including their nostalgia value for me).

I paste cut-out words or phrases on each one. These snips are random selections from old books. I fill up the card.

I write poetry using these out-of-the-blue words or phrases and I let them take me wherever they want to go.

Then, I color the cards. Because I think it’s fun and they are pretty.

That’s about it.

Take a look at a recent group.

10 thoughts on “Library Card Collages

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. No, I didn’t think about the words on the cards, I gave them their colors at random. It’s interesting you say this, though, because when I started doing these cards, I had used the phrases in other works and therefore considered the cards “used up”. So I put the colors on purely to compliment the text’s appearance but not what it said. But – after I finished the colorings, I re-read the cards. And the colors do make a difference in the things I think about when I read the words, from when the cards were plain. It sounds maybe a little crazy, but the colors influenced me. I really like thinking about this.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      These cards go the distance – from words to art to a combination of both, and all phases are rewarding to me to make, and I am glad that people enjoy seeing them, they always seem to bring comments. I think print as having meaning and print as purely objects or shapes, these cards intersect the two. I like that.

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