Solve a Mystery

Here’s an account of an art outing my husband and I made to the Allentown Art Museum on October 25.

Sometimes You Get So Confused

On Sunday, October 26, my husband and I visited the Allentown Art Museum in Allentown, PA, to participate in an event called Mystery at the Museum.

The idea was that different works of art would come alive – they would speak to us through a human being who had stepped out from the artwork. Visitors would move from one artwork to the next by following clues and end up solving the mystery.

The event was meant for kids, I guess, but the idea really appealed to me. And I really like going to this museum – it is accessible, friendly, has interesting special events and ongoing art that I like. We procured our timed tickets and arrived ready to search.

Note: if I didn’t take a photo of the artwork I have included a link, either in the Museum’s database or another source, if the database didn’t have a photo.

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