Scrap of a Stacked Stone Wall

I made this little drawing from a photo of a tumbledown stacked stone wall along the Perkiomen Trail near Audubon, PA. I didn’t keep the photo to show you – but I like the patterns the stones make in this kind of wall, and that is why I drew it, just a little sketch on a scrap of paper.

1 thought on “Scrap of a Stacked Stone Wall

  1. confirmingthought

    I am trying. I have no family. I think I might be lonely.. My trips to your exhibits and friendships use to help alot.. I have to remember that the creative energy of the universe is always manifesting itself through people like you. I have to start manifesting it myself. Right now I’m stuck In it we live and move and have our being if we deny it s presence we shrivel and get t in the darkness. I am going to Longwood garden tomorrow for some refueling I know it is everywhere. I could get it at home in my lounge chair by looking at your art work For that option I am thankful. I  give my blessings to you and your hubby. I miss your use of color it brought so much……. ..

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