Postcard – Lady looking at her hand

I say I made this postcard in April 2020, but really, it started off life as a print made with the Gelli plate in 2016.

Print #2 Postcard summer 2016

It wandered around the studio, never feeling quite finished. Then one day I turned it the long direction and got right to work on it. Here is where it is now, and where it (I think) will stay.

Postcard 7 x 5 lady looking at her hand 4-2001

9 thoughts on “Postcard – Lady looking at her hand

  1. David Milligan-Croft

    Love it! I often do that too. I look at a piece and think, meh. Then I turn it around on each side and something else will offer itself up to me. But it was there all along. I just wasn’t looking at it properly.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Sometimes I hold on to these things knowing there is something missing but not quite what I should do, and then one day all of a sudden, the answer is clear. Sometimes, it is just patience that makes the art turn out well, I think!

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