Allentown Drive-By Sketches 8

Back in June 2020 my husband and I took a drive through Allentown, PA, which is about an hour from our house. We had moved from a strict lockdown to one step less restrictive about a week before, I guess, and we wanted to see some new sights. So we got in the car for a drive (we did not leave the car on this trip) and I took photos through the window.

As we drove along on our way out of town, on a whim, I snapped the passing scene one photo after another as the car moved. I then did drawings of these photos. I’m going to be showing them over the next few posts.

I did not draw the scenes in the order they appeared on the street and I can’t remember how they lined up, anyway, so…don’t try to make sense of things.

I’ll just show you the scenes.

Here I am showing you the last of this series. It is my favorite location, and that is why I have saved it for the end.

Lumpy Lou’s Bar and Grill. I just like the look of the place and of course I love its name.

It is located next to the twin houses that are then next to the apartments. You can see both the houses and the side of the apartment building to the left of the photo.

I think I especially enjoyed drawing the sign.



4 thoughts on “Allentown Drive-By Sketches 8

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Well, it’s there waiting for, you know we were just driving in that neighborhood last weekend! I took more photos by the way, this winter I think you will see some more of these sequences. It is strangely appealing to pick a random street and really examine it this way.

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    What a funny little unassuming entry way. Without the sign, I cannot imagine anyone would suspect there was a business beyond that door. The name of the business makes me smile.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      There are so many neighborhoods all over the area that have these juxtapositions and hidden points, and we never notice. It was clear to me that LL’s was a neighborhood fixture and had been for a long time.

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