Hope on View

A couple of days ago, I received a newsletter from the Lehigh Valley Arts Council, an arts advocacy organization in Allentown, PA. I noticed a call for submissions to a project at Penn State:  it was called Viral Imaginations: COVID-19.

In the site’s words, the project “is an interdisciplinary initiative focused on collecting, displaying, and archiving Pennsylvanians’ first-person, imaginative and artistic expressions made in response to their lived experience of the coronavirus pandemic.”

It’s an online gallery of visual and/or written art by ordinary people in our state. I knew right away I had something I wanted to add to the collection. You may remember a recent painting I did called “I Hope” (click here for the post):

I Hope 24 x 36 6-20

It’s now part of the archive. I am grateful to have this chance to express my hope that the world will come out of these hard times into ones of peace, kindness, and caring for all of us.

If you want to take a look at my work along with everyone else’s, here are links:

The main page: Viral Imaginations

My page on the site: “I Hope”

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