Stick Ladies Update

Back in 2016 I did a thing called Claudia McGill Art Camp. My goal was to use supplies I had on hand, finish up projects, or try something new. One thing I did was to pull out my wood-burning kit and make these figures:

Stick ladies woodburned 8-16 #1 small


Here’s the post that describes the event – take a look.

Well, these ladies have been rattling around for – almost four years. I decided recently it was time to do something about this state of affairs.

My husband cut some @ 3″ square wood blocks from a scrap piece of lumber we had at home. I got some double-ended screws, the name of which I have already forgotten, but no matter. I painted the blocks black. My husband drilled small holes in the blocks and the figures and screwed them together.


Stick Ladies on stands with stand 5-20


Voila! So much better to be vertical, these ladies say.


Now, for the glamour close-up shots:

I said back in 2016 I would love to do more of these figures. Well, life intervened, and I have not done so. Things are different these days, though. I plan to check out some locations in the park for new sticks…

You may remember other stick ladies I have made. Painted them, is what I did. I don’t have any of these left – I distributed them through my art drop-off system that you know if you follow my Sometimes You Get So Confused blog. But here are some photos, anyway – it’s nice to revisit these little entities, I think.

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