ATC Advice I Stand Here to Tell You…

ATC Advice is my own category for this kind of ATC card. Simple to make. Make an ATC. Put a phrase cut from print on it. Pick the phrase at random; do not try to match it to the card.

Read the words, look at the picture, and see what you get from the juxtaposition.

You may be surprised. The ATC Advice method quite often offers something astute or insightful or maybe just head-scratching.


3 thoughts on “ATC Advice I Stand Here to Tell You…

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I chose these because of the people being done in pen and ink of some sort, their words being random. And yet, you are right, they once again create a little…storyline, maybe? I am wondering if there is the unconscious at work in my selecting them or the reader fills in the gaps. Whichever, what a nice thing it is, I think. There are endless stories in this world and we can make them up ourselves. I like that idea a lot.

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