Minuscule Illustrations: Awakening

In October 2017 I came across an internet blog challenge for a story written in two sentences. I wrote a story. Liking the format, I did another one. Another one. And another.

Quite a few stories later, I had enough for a book. Not only did I have stories, but I had written a short poem and created a brush and India ink illustration for each one as well.

The result was Minuscule, published in 2018. I’m now going to show you the book illustrations as an ongoing feature on this blog, once a week. I’ll link back to the story (they have been published one by one on my poetry blog).

If you want to hold the entire book in your hand, the print version is available on Amazon.

“Awakening” is the name of the story…

Look here to read it.

Minuscule #63 Awakening 10-1860


4 thoughts on “Minuscule Illustrations: Awakening

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    That was another story I had somehow missed. I am glad to have had this opportunity to catch up. I like that the illustration captures the moment the magic happens, when the two hands connect and the museum experience shifts from being one of mere observation to finding meaningful connection. I have to tell you that the story really spoke to me for that reason as, when I was wee, I used to imagine the exhibits coming to life inside my favourite museum.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I have thought the same thing. That all objects have a life to them, and there are times they come to life in various ways that we cannot see or understand. And then there is the more literal way I think of it sometimes, such as the crow statue in Allentown Art Museum I love so much – that it would hop off its pedestal and stalk around, with a very loud voice echoing in the gallery.

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