Parking Lots

I’ve been doing some sketching as I watch TV at night. You know my habit – settle on the sofa, tune in a mildly interesting show, and draw.

Anyway, I’ve been grouping the photos by theme – the images are taken from shots I’ve snapped over a few years. I look in my files and see what is there, and print them out to take to the sofa with me.

This group depicts parking lots. I did it about a week ago.

I realize the little scenes are crammed on to the page. For some reason I like that feeling, that look. I’m working with a very fine-tipped pen and using small tiny strokes and lines. So the pictures need to be small and enclosed. I feel it suits me right now to work slowly. Tasks such as crosshatching, with which I am often impatient, seem very soothing right now.

Anyway, how about some parking lots? Here are the photos.

And here are the drawings. My sketchbook page is 8″ x 8″, by the way.

Parking Lot Sketches 3-25-20001

10 thoughts on “Parking Lots

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. You know, I love drawing cars. Always did. And I do think cars have some kind of…personality? spirit? They are not just random metal and plastic parts slapped together. This is why our cars always have had names. Shout out to Cara Mia McGill, she’s not getting much travel in these days. We miss it, both of us, I think…I read something where the writer was listing tasks to do during the shutdown and one was to remember to go out and start the car. Not something we needed reminding of in the past.

  1. Sandra McCall

    LOVE the sweet simplicity of these drawings. And I mean that in a good way. Maybe it’s just me, but the drawings seem to imply a kind of “quiet hope”.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. This makes my day. These scenes are familiar to me, not anything picturesque, just my life. Maybe that is what you are feeling, it’s the ordinary that turns out not to be so ordinary, I think.

      1. Sandra McCall

        Wow. Good observation Claudia. I think that you are on to something. During these freaky times, the familiartity of ordinary things and events offer a kind of comfort and I like that. I often react with feelings that I don’t even understand, so it is wonderful when a friend can bring some clarity to the party.

        1. Claudia McGill Post author

          I have been going through my photos and doing drawings of local things that are familiar to me. It is good practice for my desire to improve my drawing skills, and I really enjoy revisiting safe memories. I feel the same way these days, I do not always know what or why I am feeling something. I don’t know what to think about much of anything. Drawing like this returns me to a calmer focus and less swinging of emotions.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I’ve always thought cars were alive, in their own way. I do love their shapes and how they dart about (not while I’m driving in them, but when I see them as if a bird in the air).

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