Mary Ann’s Living Room

In December 2019 I gave my mixed media class students an assignment for the last two sessions – come up with a proposal, including materials, theme, and techniques, for work to be done independently in class.

One student worked on a large representation of a section of her living room. I wanted to have a project myself (to keep from hovering over the students) so I had brought a canvas and materials to class myself, but…no ideas. (I obviously did not follow my own class requirements.)

The student mentioned above was working at a table in front of me. I asked her if I could use her composition as a reference. She was amenable, so I did a version of her living room, from a reversed position and looking at it upside down (though I created the picture right-side up from my point of view). I guess it’s a mirror image I was making.

It ended up looking nothing like hers, except for having a chair and fireplace in it, but…I enjoyed it and it did cut down on my interference with the students’ work.

I did most of it in class and finished it up at home later on.

Acrylics, inks, crayons – 20″ x 16″, December 2019.

Mary Ann's Living Room 12-19 20 x 16 small

6 thoughts on “Mary Ann’s Living Room

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I think my class, in which I was the teacher, taught me as much as (I hope) I taught the students. I like this painting and it will always remind me of this particular class and the enthusiasm of my students, including the one whose painting inspired me.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I have to make sure I don’t interfere with the students as they work on their projects, unless requested. Doing something of my own keeps me from being…annoying!

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