Wrap Vessel with Stencil Decoration

Here is another tall vessel made using the stencil technique that I learned in my studio clay class in fall 2019 (look here for a vessel I made in the class).

I created this one at home. I rolled out a slab of terracotta clay and used Velvet underglazes and stencils to created the abstract decoration, applying them on to the wet slab.

I also spattered it with the underglazes and I did some sgrafitto work as well. I think the combination of techniques gives it a lively look.

When the clay had firmed up enough to handle, I formed it into a cylinder (this part is not new to me, as you know, because much of the work I make starts off in this way) and added a base and later on, some feet.

I sent it through one firing and then dipped it with a clear glaze, firing it again.

Here is the final result, from four different views:

And look here, the feet. I flattened balls of clay and then punched through them to make these feet. When I did the glaze, I waxed the feet and bottom of the vessel so that the glaze would not adhere. As you know, wax forms a resist (it burns away in the kiln) and it’s needed because glaze will glue an item to the kiln shelf – forever.

So the feet of the vessel retain the look of the unglazed clay. A little secret you have to look for, if you happen to view this item.

Clay vessel 11-19 terracotta stencil view 51

Clay vessel, terracotta clay, Velvet underglazes, clear glaze, fired at cone 06, November 2019.

6 thoughts on “Wrap Vessel with Stencil Decoration

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      The terracotta clay had a nice effect on the underglazes in how they presented themselves and then the glaze makes subtle changes to the color plus how it also affects the area where the TC clay showed. I liked how this one turned out too. I sold it the first day it was out at a show.

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