10 thoughts on “What a Nice Bouquet

  1. confirmingthought


    You bring such joy to my life. And I hate to ask you this . I feel you think that I am, actually I dont know what you feel. However if those two paintings will be for sale . Put them on hold for me.  You could show them and win at show times unless you want to keep them for yourself. I think they are some of your best work. And I will pay whatever. Please consider. They would be great for my reading room I set up.

    Please keep painting.

    Check for Jan. Will be there in a week as promised.

    It is embarrassing for me to ask about them but i know how good the are and what it takes to have the soul and spirit. I love your tiles but your paintings are the cream cheese icing on the pound cake. I wasn’t going to ask but I dont want to be sorry if I dont.

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