Magic Bird Lady

As you may remember I have stopped painting on the industrial-strength schedule scale I have been doing for years, a path I followed in order to have plenty of paintings for shows. In 2019 I sold or gave away pretty much all of my painting-focused work.

It’s worked out great. The previous years’ work is being appreciated by someone somewhere (instead of languishing in my basement). I now feel free to paint or collage when I feel like it. It’s nice.

Anyway, here is a mixed media image I did in November 2019. I had bought some inexpensive canvases to have on hand if the urge to paint/collage hit me. As it happened, this mixed media piece (paper and acrylics) was started during one of the mixed media classes I taught in fall 2019. I finished it up at home.

“Magic Bird Lady”, 20 x 16, acrylics and paper on canvas.

Magic Bird Lady 20 x 16 11-191

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    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. This makes me feel good. This image evolved over some time. I am finding that more and more, it takes stages to get to the final result and the work is better if I am patient (better late then never I learn this?)

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