Diary of a Table

You may remember that I’ve done some illustration work for the online fiction magazine Fictive Dream. I love working for editor Laura Black and I also love being involved in the world of short fiction in this way. I’ve found the process of reading a story and turning it to something visual to be really satisfying in a way I can’t quite describe – there’s the challenge of “seeing” what the words say and then conveying it that I love.

Recently Laura asked me if I would illustrate an upcoming story for the magazine. I was happy to do so. The story, Diary of a Table by Tamar Hodes, appears today at Fictive Dream.

I usually create more than one image so that Laura has a choice. This time, though, the illustration required only one take – the story made its wishes clear to me!

Before you view the art, though, here’s more info if you are interested in seeing past works of illustration for Fictive Dream – I’ve given a few links and if you want to know more, search my blog under the topic: Fictive Dream. 

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And…here are links to the events at the magazine’s site, Fictive Dream.

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Now, here is the image. Go to Fictive Dream and read the story – see how the artwork fits in.

Fictive Dream Diary of a Table 10-19 blog size


9 thoughts on “Diary of a Table

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I enjoyed illustrating this story. I like the subject, the table, and the story was very helpful in giving me a direction to go with the art! (some are not – not every story is very visual or has much imagery, as you know, but you don’t always think of it unless you need to “see” it with your pen and ink).

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      This one was fun to do. I admit to loving to draw furniture, so the title character really appealed to me, and the story had lots of visual interest to work with.

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