Skeleton man and cat

Clay tile, fired at cone 06, @ 7″ x 7″, August 2019.

I think this one maybe should have been out trick-or-treating on Halloween, maybe…

Clay Tile @ 7x7 8-19 Skeleton man and cat1

5 thoughts on “Skeleton man and cat

  1. Sandra McCall

    LOVE this one too. Have you ever done an installation with all of your various tiles? I can see a huge wall of them. In fact, if I had the means, I would do it so I’m putting this out into the universe so that someone cool (with huge walls) will step up. Your tiles would be so awesome as one, colorful, patterned unit and I’m sure that I am not the only one who thinks so. Has anyone already put a giant spotlight on your tiles?

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you, this makes my day. A couple of people have bought a number of tiles and displayed them in a group – though not installed them, such as cemented to the wall and so on, since they are not glazed and cannot be grouted. I’ve made some glazed ones for a small wall installation. It’s a job to do this kind of thing, though, since I am not so good with regular shapes for my tiles!

  2. confirmingthought

    Awesome. The body of the person is transparent. It is symbolic to me of the relevance of our physicality. Just bones. An illusion of life.. Without the spirit we are nothing but a bag of bones.¬† You are more to me than your physicality. Your work for me separates what the 5 senses cannot “grock”: the difference between corporality¬† and spirituality. You really are gifted to see past what others take for real. Keep me going by sharing your vision.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I think the purpose of art is to show different levels of realities. Whether the realities are real or in imagination. Depictions of Skeletons inside a person do that, I think.

  3. confirmingthought

    The cat has no mask. It is what it is…… Halloween? Someone once told me that our self created physicality are really clown suits that we need to shed in order to see who we really are.

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