What is Happening in This Noir Scene?

The harsh lighting and the shadow of a figure against a brick wall…it must be the opening images from some murky drama with exotic emotional overtones and a heroine with a love for funk music and the effect it has in lifting her out of the misty rain-swept streets of her city?

No, just me, getting ready to take some photos of clay work – I set it up outside my house where the light is good. One morning the shadow interested me as much as my photography subjects. Here I am in B/W and in natural color.

Ah, the story continues. Our protagonist raises the rectangular object and transforms reality into atoms lined up like traffic slithering on a slick dark street … or maybe not. The rest of the story must unfold later. Sometime, somewhere … or maybe not. Life is uncertain and slippery.

Or she is taking a picture of her alter ego.

I made these photos in September 2019.


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