Minuscule Illustrations: Transformation

In October 2017 I came across an internet blog challenge for a story written in two sentences. I wrote a story. Liking the format, I did another one. Another one. And another.

Quite a few stories later, I had enough for a book. Not only did I have stories, but I had written a short poem and created a brush and India ink illustration for each one as well.

The result was Minuscule, published in 2018. I’m now going to show you the book illustrations as an ongoing feature on this blog, once a week. I’ll link back to the story (they have been published one by one on my poetry blog).

If you want to hold the entire book in your hand, the print version is available on Amazon.

“Transformation” is the title of the story. Look here to read it.

As a note, today is my birthday. This story is my favorite one in the Minuscule book, and when I was very young, almost 60 years ago, a tiny silver fish did swim into my hair on my first visit to the ocean – I was not quite five years old. I clearly remember the incident and the memory is a cherished one for me – almost a magical happening.



Minuscule #53 Transformation 10-1849





26 thoughts on “Minuscule Illustrations: Transformation

  1. Domestica

    Sooo happy to trip across this post. Adorable illustration for such a fun day. Thx so much for sharing. Off to read more!

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    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      We may laugh, but as I look back, I have wondered…and the day still may come! What a nice thought it is, the idea of spending my afterlife (as I don’t want to leave land in my current guise right now) as a creature in water. I have always loved to swim and found it freeing and magical to be in water. I would like in my next section of landlubber life to maybe have more chances to be at the ocean, at least.

      1. galeriaredelius

        Me too feel like a “water animal”, as a child I could stay in the water for hours and hours, not getting tired of it. I would love to be a seabird, as they get to both swim and to fly. That seems to me the optimal combination of super powers! We shall wait and see (or perhaps “wait and sea”).

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