Medium Cylinder People – Terra Cotta

Here are some medium cylinder people – about 5″ tall or so. I made them in June 2019.

Terracotta clay, fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes.

11 thoughts on “Medium Cylinder People – Terra Cotta

  1. rivrvlogr

    It’s interesting what glasses will do. Any one of these faces might be considered serious. Maybe its the hands, almost seeming to be in a vest or suit pocket. But the glasses make for a studious face, one that knows, and can be trusted with, the facts.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I’ve worn glasses my whole life and by now I think they are a part of my body. I view them as enhancements of my eyes only and don’t think about the effect their presence has on what people see me, until I make something like these little guys and add them to the “standard” face. I think you are right, the whole feeling changes, and I like the earnestness that particular face now has.

      1. Laura (PA Pict)

        Your post actually made me think about the fact I rarely draw glasses. I tend to draw people with full lips, heavy eyebrows, button noses, and straight hair – which are all features I possess – but not glasses, despite the fact I have always worn glasses. I should try to include them more often.

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