Escaping? Or Just Looking For an Adventure?

I posted this on my personal blog, but it has an art angle, so I am reposting it here.

Sometimes You Get So Confused

I was walking through Glenside, PA, not long ago, near the library. Just wandering, really, though my stated purpose was to find cracked sidewalks to photo for an art project. (Yes, really…)

Anyway, I traveled through streets I have walked along for almost thirty years. I’m very at home in this area and I have layers upon layers of memories. I was thinking about what things have and have not changed as I crossed a small bridge over a water control canal.

Glenside canal and pumpkin (3)2

This stream runs through our township (though this is the only “canal” section”) and according to the map is called the Tacony Creek although it’s also called the Tookany Creek and I can’t figure it out myself even after all this time. If you ask anyone what it is called, they will tell you Tookany.

Anyway. This little concreted section has been around a while. Here’s the plaque…

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