Let’s Break

A very nice look in clay glazing involves using glazes that break, or flow into cracks and leave the higher areas plain or with less color. I’ve been using a couple of glazes I bought in the last year, here and there. I did a lot of experimenting with them, making tiles with impressed shapes. You may remember them:

Clay tiles artifacts #1 1-18005

“artifact” tiles, January 2018. All about 3″-4″.

I haven’t done anything as elaborate as these tiles, using these glazes, for some time.  Though, looking at this photo, I will put a note on my list for a session in the future. These are nice to look at, I think.

Here’s one of the glazes I’ve been using (2 photos to show you the entire label):

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about the glazes, though – recently I’ve done a lot of tiny tiles (about 2″ square or smaller) with leftover clay.

When I make tiles intended for a breaking glaze, I texture them in some way when I create them. Then I fire the tiles.  Next I color them with Velvet underglaze and add the required 3 coats of glaze. Fire again and the tiles are ready to go.

I take them to the park and let them go as part of my art drop-off activities. They are perfect for putting in your hand to hold or in your pocket.

small tiles with breaking glaze 6-196

4 thoughts on “Let’s Break

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes, the play of light is one aspect, and then that the glaze can be made to create raised areas itself, another. It’s going to be interesting to work with.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. Yes, the glaze can be made to create raised areas when separated by the open underglazed area and you can feel it with your fingers. Plus, the shiny handles the light different from the matte areas, and that also adds dimensionality. I am looking forward to trying more of this, I don’t know where it will be going or how to exploit it, but – I’ll keep trying different things.

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