6 thoughts on “Patterns in Paint Card White

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I love these paint card brochures because each one gives me a new idea. I thought the same thing, this is sort of like a little reference material for doodling. Plus it was fun to do, calming, and there is something about the way the pen feels on the color (something about the paper they use, maybe) that I really really love.

  1. Sandra McCall

    Too cool Claudia, I LOVE patterns. I have a notebook that is full of just patterns that I scribble down when I think of them. I keep it because when I NEED a pattern, I’m like, “hmmmm…what to do…” With my little notebook I can grab it to jog ideas out of my pea brain. Plus, it’s just fun to make patterns with no thought as to making a masterpiece.

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