Train Trip and the Scenery Zips By the Window

All right, I really should be saying that the window zips by the scenery, but…that’s not how it seems to the traveler sitting in the seat, does it?

Here are some photos I took during my June trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from the train window as we left town. I did nothing to them – they are just as the phone camera recorded them.

I like the dreamy blurry quality they have.

4 thoughts on “Train Trip and the Scenery Zips By the Window

  1. agnesashe

    It’s strange how blurry can offer an essence of a scene rather than an in focus image which so often gives a detailed visual list of individual items. It’s a bit like the difference between drifting daydreaming and specific logical thought.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes. I remember before my cataract operations, I was extremely nearsighted (of course I still am as far as how my eyes are shaped, but with the new permanent lenses I no longer have uncorrected vision as I did) and I used to be able to take off my glasses and enjoy just what you said, a distillation of the scene. No longer possible now and though in every other way I am thankful for my vision as it is, I miss this aspect of my old way of seeing.

  2. mim4mail

    I love these. It’s like riding along with you. We take the train up and back to NYC and I always sit window so I can take photos. I never tire of it.

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