Baby Potheads

Excuse the title, but that what we call them. Because they are pots, and because they are heads.

Now I’ll show you the baby versions of this category. They are about 2″ tall or so, and about the same in width. I used white low-fire or terracotta clay and colored their exteriors with Velvet underglaze Jet Black in a wash-off technique.

The interiors are done with Amaco Teacher’s Palette glazes – this makes them able to hold water, if anyone wanted to fill them with it. They were fired at cone 06. I made these in June 2019, as I did with the large potheads.

And, unlike the large potheads, I decorated the back sides of these little pots with various colors, using Velvet underglazes.


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11 thoughts on “Baby Potheads

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, that is what I was hoping for. The exterior is done in a more rough style and unglazed and I thought the colorful and shiny insides would set things off plus look nice in of itself.

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