Assorted Photos from Pittsburgh PA

Here are a few photos from my (very short) trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June.  Just a few things that caught my eye in various ways and made photos worth talking about, I thought.

All of the pictures were taken with my phone camera.

First photo. A picture inspired by a book I read recently – the tip was to hold the camera at hip level and just take what you got. Like this:

Legs PGH 6-196

Interesting and bringing up a lot of questions and story lines, right? I think so too. I’ll be doing more of this technique.

Next group. I liked both of these photos and I didn’t know why. Upon reflection, I think it is the small figure in the middle of a big environment that caught me.

The bird photo, I tried straightening it out, but by doing that, it changed the dynamics of the picture and I no longer liked it. The tilt is essential, I think.

The restaurant worker on his smoke break, well, I liked the random glimpse into the interior of another’s life, a part that is behind the scenes – a peek down an alley, in more ways than one.

Next photos. I love reflections and taking pictures of them. The layering of worlds intrigues me. This one is of a shop window and the man in the picture is my husband, waiting for me on the street.

Bob in window reflection PGH 6-198


I turned a different view of the same store window into black/white. Ghostly, I think.


Store Window 6-19 PGH BW9

If you want to read about the trip to Pittsburgh, I wrote several posts about it on my personal blog, Sometimes You Get So Confused. You can look here for the last post – in the intro to the post,  you will find all the links relating to the trip.


7 thoughts on “Assorted Photos from Pittsburgh PA

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you, it was one of those things where coming along at the right time and everything fell into place. Thank goodness for the phone and how easy it is to use the camera these days!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes. I thought the same thing. There is so much to love in this picture. If people had not been in the alley I would have walked down it, photographing all the details – this is a treasure trove of visual interest, I think.

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