Two Creatures and Ducks Fighting

I don’t give official names to my tiles. When I take a photo, I designate it with a description. I use whatever comes first to mind. This one is called “two creatures and ducks fighting”.

There you have it. There is some kind of story behind this flat statement and the accompanying image and I will leave it to you to create it.

I also had the thought that the ducks looked a little like those wooden Dutch shoes I first learned of in Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates, when I was young.

Take a look at this tile and see what you think.

Clay tile, fired at cone 06, low fire clay, Velvet underglazes, 2019.

Clay tile @ 7x7 creatures and two ducks fighting 1-191

4 thoughts on “Two Creatures and Ducks Fighting

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes, I had to laugh after I fired it and I thought – are those shoes – when I took it out of the kiln, the fresh look at it bringing up the idea!

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