Been a Blurry While, Hasn’t It?

Been a while since I took any blur photos. Here is one from February. I hate to say it but I am blanking out on what the scene was or where I took it. But I like it.

Blur 2-13-191

And here is one that blurred itself. Each time I go to the Montgomery County Community College for a poetry marathon day, I take a photo through my car windshield. I’ve got quite a collection and every so often show them on my Confused blog. Anyway, the phone camera focused on the specks on the glass, blurring the landscape. For some reason I liked this photo and kept it. Maybe it’s the piled-up snow, maybe it’s the colors. Or maybe it’s those mysterious specks floating in the sky…

Blur Montco 3-192

7 thoughts on “Been a Blurry While, Hasn’t It?

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I like taking these (though sometimes they are accidents, and then you have to be ready to see the beauty in a …mistake!). Try it, you take your camera, point and shoot is fine, set it to the slowest speed if you can. Pick out a scene with colors or contrasts (for example, a green landscape does not do well but rows of books in a library, great). Do your photography in a lower light environment rather than a brightly lighted one (in bright light the camera will move the shutter quickly and not capture movement well, you want it to have some time to blur). OK, to take the picture, just click while waving the camera around. Up, down, circles, whatever. See what you get. Most are awful but the ones are that good, well, they are very pleasing!

  1. agnesashe

    I love blurry photos, very ‘freeing’. It’s all about shape, colour and movement that you kinda miss when you are looking at a subject in focus.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Before I had cataract surgery and got lenses implanted that corrected my sight, I was extremely nearsighted (of course, still am on the inside of my eye structure, but the lenses have altered my sight forever). I loved the blurred world that I saw when I took off my glasses; this is lost to me now and I do miss it, because it presented such a pared down version of the world to me, – only the important things survived in my vision and they were very changed, too – and small details did not exist. I am grateful for my sight, the operations were a necessity, but I remember the old way of seeing, too – I spent most of my life seeing that way, and I miss that condensation of shape and color that you mention.

      1. agnesashe

        That is a very interesting take on the issue of sight. There is such a false obsession with perfection that anything not 20/20 vision is seen as a ‘problem’ and it so refreshing to think the opposite not least as I’ve had glasses since my mid twenties.

        1. Claudia McGill Post author

          I think you are right, I never thought of myself as impaired, and I did have more normal vision with glasses, but I liked have the option of my “natural” sight, which is now gone. In some ways it is an improvement (I can see at the pool now when I’m swimming) but others, well, I miss it, as I said.

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