Flash Fiction and Paint and Color and Ink and Paper – 2/1/19

Flash Fiction February 2019 – twenty-eight days of short short stories, an event taking place at Fictive Dream, an online fiction magazine featuring short stories. My part in the event? I did a small abstract painting as the illustration for each story. I’ll be showing one of them to you each day in February to accompany the story on Fictive Dream.

Today’s story is “Bullseye”, by Meg Pokrass. Check out the illustration, then go to Fictive Dream and read the story.

Here is the image, with the banner:

image 12 fictive dream 12-9-18 2019 small2

and on its own.

image 12 fictive dream 12-9-18 20196

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction and Paint and Color and Ink and Paper – 2/1/19

  1. Laura Black

    I thought this the perfect image for Bullseye by Meg Pokrass. The characters occupy the same space but are separate, and as the image show, blind to each other. Thank you, Claudia.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I’m just posting something that describes how I made it – I’ve used the technique before and I love doing it, plus I thought it fit the story event well.

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