Concrete Cave Creatures, Revisited

Some time ago, more than two years ago in August 2016, in fact, I ran a little event called Claudia McGill’s Art Camp. In this experience I dedicated myself to using up supplies or trying new-to-me techniques. It broke up the tedium of late summer.

One thing I did – I made some concrete cave creatures. Now, I’ve done a lot of concrete sculpture work, most of it ten years ago or more. In particular, I used a technique in which I filled a form with concrete, let it set up for some hours, and then carved it. 

Well, we had some leftover mortar mix in the garage, and I decided to use it up in making some little animal figures. Now. STOP RIGHT NOW and go to the original post, if you want to have an idea of how these animals were made. And, I’ll pat myself on the back, but I gave a thorough lesson on how to carve concrete in this post, too. You might be interested…

Here’s what the little guys looked like when they had cured:

All right. I left them outside and let them age a bit. Two years later, they were still outside, aging, or most of them were, anyway, as I think I might have given some away. Let’s face it, time passed and I finally came to the realization that I was tired of looking at them – and in a recent yard clean-up, I brought them inside with the vague notion of doing something to them.

Well, what I did was paint their faces with acrylic paint, either black or white, and then I used India ink to draw in little features. The idea was fine as far as it went but suddenly, I felt they needed more…detail.

I grabbed the India ink, a bamboo brush, and I drew in details, all right. Who knew you could combine concrete, paint, and India ink? Now I do. Though how weather-worthy these guys might be, I don’t know. I guess the solution is, keep them inside.

I’m not sure what I will do with them. For now, I just look at them and laugh.

Some sort of little pointed nose animal…

Here is a front view of this fellow plus the decoration on his back.

Sort of a pensive buffalo kind of guy?

For some reason this one reminds me of my cat. No idea why.

He looks a little sad.

Does he have something to hide?

I spilled a little ink on him and realized that he wanted to be a spotted creature.

6 thoughts on “Concrete Cave Creatures, Revisited

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I used to make a lot of concrete statues and so on and I enjoyed it, even though the substance is very hard on your hands. Concrete makes wonderful figures and I have several outside in my yard, plus some including mosaic work.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I just couldn’t let these darn concrete blobs sit out there and look at me any longer. Now they are kind of cute, I think, and I’ll find a place for them somewhere in the world…

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