Secret Project Revealed: Day 1

If you follow my Art Diary, you may have noticed over the past couple of months the inclusion of snippets of what look like pen and ink drawings. I have described these tidbits as being part of a “secret project”. Now all can be revealed!

I have provided illustrations for a short story competition, September Slam 2018, at Fictive Dream, an online literary magazine specializing in short stories. The Slam will feature seven stories this week, one a day, and I did the illustration for each one.

I will write about my experiences in doing this project later on, but for now, let’s concentrate on the stories. Today’s story is It Seems Impossible It Could Ever Begin, by Helen McClory.

Here is the illustration. Look it over and then go and read the story! Did I capture something of the author’s work in my image?

Fictive Dream It Seems Impossible It Could Ever Begin 8-18 #1 adjusted flattened yellow text small