Me in the Winter, Me in the Summer

Here’s a couple of clay tiles I made a month or so ago. I’m the subject in both of them. Selfie-tiles, kind of. The setting for both of them is coincidentally the same place – the home of good friends, right down the street.

All right. This first tile was made from a photo taken in January, 2017. I’m waving at you, wearing my green coat.

This next one owes a bit more to my imagination. I started with a photo of my neighbors’ pool – I was not in the picture. No one was. Just the pool. I added myself to a lounge chair. I do like a summer day in and around a swimming pool.

Both tiles are 6″ x 6″, fired at cone 06, Velvet underglazes on white commercially-made tiles, no glaze.

13 thoughts on “Me in the Winter, Me in the Summer

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. Tiles are a lot of fun, as I guess you can see that I think so! Maybe these are kind of haiku in tiles, maybe. With the seasonal accent they have!

  1. clothesandmargarita

    Hello Claudia,
    Your ideas are so original: selfie tiles, trading cards… and a variety of techniques..!
    Refreshing and inspiring!
    And about the tiles: they are brilliantly pithy (if I may say so) 🙂

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