Before They Were Born

Here are some future stick ladies. They have gone through the dishwasher (to remove any bugs that might have come along with them) and are drying out on my front porch. I have a lot of them inside the house ready to be painted. This group will come after those. In the meantime, I like the way they look, standing inside those empty terra cotta plant pots.

Future stick ladies 9-15 small

4 thoughts on “Before They Were Born

  1. nannus

    Embryos. I am thinking of Plato here. You are the demiurge, this is the raw matter that will be transformed by applying the forms to them… The ladies then participate in the abstract form of the lady as such. Maybe Socrates was a hobby artist and he got his ideas about the ideas by making sticky boys (… sorry for that nonsense, this is after the second glass of wine). 🙂

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I actually think this makes a lot of sense (and I have had no wine at all). I like to think of myself in this way. And you have elevated stick ladies beyond the hobby art thing, haven’t you? I do like that.

      1. nannus

        There must be a Platonic form of the Claudia McGill Sticky Lady in the realm of forms. Of cause, it participates in the form of art and the form of human beings to some extend. Being an aristocrat who left practical hand work to slaves, Plato did not understand that part of the world was formed by human creativity and human skill and that the demiurge is active in each of us (there is a form of the demiurge and we participate in it…).
        OK, I am not really a Platonist, just had a glass of wine 🙂 It is fun to play with these ideas (forms).

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