The last of the artist books from the group I did back in the spring, this one looks very winter-y. I think I had winter still on the mind and the paint colors of the cover sent me in that direction. Remember, I put the little book together, then I do the pictures, and then I write the text, so you can see how that influence happened.

The images for the book are shown first and then I’ve written out the text below.


Oh I cry so hard when I say good-bye
the car slipping on the icy street
disappearing in the blue-gray
dark afternoon and snow falling

and I go back into the house
the only warm and yellow I have
I untie my boots
carefully and set them aside
I sit. I curl my toes in my socks
and I think of thin green leaves

and bright spiral sun
pierced by pointed brown mountains
in a hot summer desert
and I cry so hard
Light and air where did you go.

Hat coat gloves drip melted snow
hang on hooks recovering
from outside
and the window full
of snow and bare tree and
a lot of slippery
watches me
sit in here and cry

so hard I feel double or triple
of me crying and then
one and then two take my hand
I am crying no more three is doubtful but goes along and
now I hold on to warm and yellow and
I read a book.

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