I feel it inside

Here’s another little artist book. I made it back in the spring. I think I have another one to post from that time, and then I’ll be caught up – don’t know why I’ve let these photos languish in my holding bin.

When I make these little books, I usually have a group of them going at once, and I work on one, then another, a page at a time. I do it this way because the glue or paint or whatever has to dry on one page spread before I can go on to another one, so it makes sense to have several to work on at once.

I created the images with no idea what the text will be or even how the images will relate to one another. I like the serendipity and the formlessness of this approach for its utterly relaxing and undemanding lack of prescribed direction.

When I’ve finished the pages I write up whatever I think makes sense. It is always interesting how the book turns out to have a story or a theme even if I did not try to create it that way.

I am sure I’ll be doing some more books soon – I have some new ones all set up and ready to get to work on.

The images for this book appear first and then I’ve written out the text below.

I Feel It Inside

The orbit of my thoughts:
all the inquiring looks
the examinations
the mysteries
the layers of meaning
all the unknowns the sun shines on

a mirror image
a corporeal being
the colorful life
the everyday solid and sturdy
the landscape of the living
vibrant everything
the patterns the significance the known

The orbit of my thoughts.

12 thoughts on “I feel it inside

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    This is great! I love your little book. That first page is particularly strong. I find it really hard to incorporate words and text into my art work. I, therefore, think the way you combine the visual and the textual is great.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I’ve made a lot of these books in the past few years (search under artist books on the blog if you want to see more). Each one is an experience. They take time to make and so I really live with the project. I like that.

  2. Chris

    unknowns, enquiring looks, thoughts orbiting around, layers of meaning, mysteries and examinations – the language is so familiar from my world of
    work, and the images so resonant with what I am struggling to produce! It’s great !

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. These topics are on my mind a lot. I seem to see the world as full of layers and different aspects coming forward or retreating. Nothing is set and yet it all seems to fall into place as it has to. It’s taken my whole life to see this and I no longer resist it! That has made a big change for me. Thanks for what you said and your close attention to my words. I really appreciate it.

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