Stepped Through the Barrier

Here is an artist book I did back in March. The images of the book pages appear first and then I have written out the text below them.

I painted the pages of the book first and then I created the text to go with the images. I prefer to work this way, rather than illustrating something I have written. Somehow seems to suit my way of thinking so much better! If you see photographs, they are ones that I have taken myself.

Stepped Through the Barrier

Did I tell you I saw her yesterday? Yes, you did.
How did she seem? She seemed the same as always.

I seemed the same as always.
Can you see me and say otherwise?
Another hot day, you told me.
Yes. I agreed with you. Another hot day.

As soon as I stepped into this landscape I knew
it would be empty no matter how long I stood here.
Under the red tree at the bottom of the hill there is only
the under of the red tree at the bottom of the hill. I see that
somewhere along the way I have walked off the road
into the sky, the earth, the paper, the pages.
I wonder if my footprints can be seen

or have I vanished leaving no trace
have I taken myself and left only the hollow remains
of a tree that once had green leaves?

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