Beyond Vision

This is an artist book I made a few months ago. The photos show the text and art, and then I have put the text on its own below the photos. If you click on the photos, you can easily go through the book pretty much as it is in real life.

Beyond Vision

I am asked if I have seen you.
The question confuses me.
I cannot get my bearings.

The inquiring face crowds me.
I can see nothing else.
Over there, maybe, I say, pointing.
Maybe, over there.

The starry sky hangs over me,
heavy and insecurely attached to
the moon no friend of mine.
I do not know the answer
to the question.

Ask all you want. I cannot tell you.
One face is very like another
to me. One place looks no different
from the next.
You may ask me.
But you must understand
I will answer.
I will tell you nothing.

9 thoughts on “Beyond Vision

  1. Sharon Mann

    I love the bold graphic shapes, texture and color. It looks as though you made it with lots of enthusiasm.

  2. Alice

    I love everything about this. I think page spread 2 is my favorite, with the crowding face and the trees in photograph — but then again, it might be the words on spread 4…and the woman in blue given them major Skeptical Face.

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