Two Wooden-Faced Ladies

No, they’re not that inexpressive – their faces are really made of wood. Two ladies painted on the remnants of the cutting board that sat outside for about a year, weathering, awaiting a purpose, and then – falling to bits. These ladies are made from two of the bits.

I put them out on Monday, December 15, and this morning, Tuesday, they were gone.

You may remember I made two larger figures from this same piece of wood. Take a look if you like.

4 thoughts on “Two Wooden-Faced Ladies

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      You are so nice! And such good taste! (We laugh).

      I will paint a lady figure on anything, won’t I? And have a great time doing it. Glad you liked them. I thought they turned out good myself.

  1. millner2000

    Hi Claudia I wanted to update you on the travels of your lady jars. First, I put felt on the bases (color coordinated, of course).. Christmas Eve, Marie’s son Tom and his GF Jess had first look at them but decided to pass on them. Next morning,my daughter Anna and her husband Jeff were here. Jeff zeroed in on them as soon as he walked in. Anna and Jeff each chose one. Later that day, I brough one to my mom at her independent care residence. She had done tons of clay work, both on the wheel and slabwork, and sculpture, fetishes, beads, etc. She was tickled pink and loved the woman jar. It’s so hard to give her anything – especially since she moved into the residence. but she loved this. I’m sure Marie’s daughter Lib and her husb Eddie will like them. In the meantime, its; fun having nine of them on the side table in the kitchen. As the year goes on, more of them will find new homes.

    Thanks for bringing them over last Friday and thanks for the other little people and heads. I really like the little rows of tubes. Do you have more of them?

    XO Stephen

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Hi Steve, I am so happy the ladies are pleasing people. I am especially happy to hear about your mother. I love it when another artist likes my work – I feel so complimented!

      I don’t have any more of the tube clay things now but you catch me at a good time – I can make some for the next clay load. I’ll let you know when they are done.

      Thank you again for all your faith in my work. You know it means a lot to me. Claudia

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