Growth Stages

This summer I spent some time doing collage with some friends I have mentioned before – we get together when we have time and lots of interesting things happen.

This time, I took a little book made of paper I had painted, intending to work on it. It was just a few sheets of paper folded in half and stapled with a saddle stapler.

While I was there, I pasted in the furniture pictures.

Took it home. A few days later, I added the people.

Later on, I added the words.

Somehow a coherent book emerged. I didn’t try to make it happen, but it does make some kind of sense. And where it doesn’t, the viewer/reader is certainly invited to fill in the gaps.

Thanks for the inspiration, Anna, Luke, Liv, and Nellie. Until our next session!

4 thoughts on “Growth Stages

  1. Sharon Mann

    Fabulous book, I’m teaching a art journal class in January, you given me a good idea. Sure glad you are feeling better.

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