Trading Art (Thank You, Sharon!)

For some time I have followed a wonderful blog: “Monday Tuesday Wednesday”. I look forward to the beginning of each week so I can see what Sharon Mann has been doing. I love her drawings and fiber art. There is humor and attention to detail in everything she makes. I marvel.

So, in the course of things, we came to the idea of exchanging art through the mail. About three weeks ago, we sent each other something to keep and something to set out into the world and find a new home. I’ve done the latter with my clay figurines but I’ve never taken on the pleasure of finding the right spot for someone else’s work.

I sent clay figurines to Sharon – she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. A new geographic location for the figurine population to put in its scrapbook! Here are pictures of the subsequent experience.

And here at home in Wyncote, PA, I received two Time Travelers. One has stayed in my dining room. The other took a tour of my local sights before being left in Grey Towers Castle at Arcadia University, about a mile from my house. It seemed like a good place to set off on a new life.

Thank you, Sharon! It was so much fun to do this exchange.

Check Sharon’s blog to see the Las Vegas end of things and to look at more of her work: “Monday Tuesday Wednesday”. (Note in 2019: Sharon’s blog is now Make Art…Magic Happens)

Grey Towers Castle: Grey Towers Castle, Arcadia University

Wyncote, PA: Wyncote, PA

Las Vegas, Nevada: Las Vegas, Nevada

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