Eye Again

No new artwork for today, just an update on my eye surgery.

The surgery was performed October 28 and everything went well. I did my four days of face-down time and though it was not pleasant, it was certainly very bearable. I’ve had two doctor visits since the surgery and my eye is healing great. The bubble has reduced to a very small size already, and my vision is vastly improved and better every day.

I am amazed at the idea that my vision was able to be restored and I have the prospect of it being almost as good as before the macular hole developed. I am so grateful for my doctor’s work and for healing.

I also want to thank everyone and their good thoughts and wishes for me. It has really helped me.

My eyes tire very easily and I have at least another month of healing, but I hope to be back to the computer pretty soon, and then back to art. Until then, I hope you are all well, and I encourage you to say thank you to your eyes and the job they are doing for you!

For some reason, the three circles remind me of the bubble in my eye. I can't say why, but they do.

For some reason, the three circles remind me of the bubble in my eye. I can’t say why, but they do.

10 thoughts on “Eye Again

  1. julietmacleod

    Dear Claudia, I must have missed your earlier post about your eye surgery! I’m relieved to hear that it has gone well. My late aunt had macular degeneration, surgery and then the face-down time that you mention. I just wanted to say that it was an incredible success – I hope that yours proves to be too. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Jx

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you! I feel very lucky that things have gone as they have. I did not like the face-down time but it was necessary and didn’t last too long – and I can see the results already. I am so grateful!

      Love your recent work. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Olga Hailye

    Claudia, this is Olga your fan, friend of Vickie. I am happy you are better. I thought of you with face down, then thought of Michelangelo face up painting the ceiling and hoped it would not be too hard to tolerate for two weeks.Hope to see you sometime.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Hi Olga, thanks for your note! I am progressing well and just amazed at what improvement I have seen already. I am so grateful for good medical care and the loving treatment of friends and family, including so many good wishes from blog friends. I gave the Michelangelo situation some thought as to what position I would prefer, and I’d vote face up – I did not like having my chin and nose squished!

      I’ll be in Allentown on Saturday, December 6 I think it is, for the indiemade craft market. Maybe we will meet again there? I will have time to talk, I know.

      I appreciate your good thoughts.

  3. Jeanette Clawson

    I’m so glad you’re “seeing” good results! Patience while you wait to art again. A tip on eye fatigue- I try to listen to an audiobook or music and use the sleep timer so I don’t overdo it. If I wait until I feel the strain, it’s not so good. Best wishes!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Audio books have saved me. I used them in all three recoveries and I have since become hooked. I like them better than watching TV, I seem to concentrate on them better. Funny what you learn along the road of life when you are on a detour!

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