Everyone Needs A Home

In the previous post I showed a group of recently-made small figurines, the kind who travel the world as I scatter them wherever I go.

But if they’d like a little home to return to, I have been making some. These are done in clay, fired at cone 5. I used Velvet underglaze for the colors, painting them after the bisque firing. No glaze, I left them rough.

I’m not sure exactly why I made these, but maybe I felt that everyone needs a home.

7 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Home

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      “Manifestations of an obscure cult about which very little is known, but what is understood is intriguing and tantalizing…”???

      “Weird artifacts and what in heck are they?”…???

      “Someone really enjoyed making figurines and little houses”…???

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Hi and thank you so much for the huge compliment you have paid me with your art drop off. I loved reading it and the stone is beautiful! I feel very humbled that I could pass on this practice and that you enjoyed it. The location is beautiful, too. What a great place you live in.

      I would love to send you a small lady, but – I have been doing a purposeful clear out of all the small items I have in order to make the way for making others. I haven’t done clay in particular since early this year because of my eyes and etc. etc. you know the story. I will return to it but not yet.Anyway, I just set out the last of the small ones last week! But –

      I have other small ladies, different look, and also bigger ones. Their purpose is the same as the small ones but I rather pass them out personally, I don’t know why! Anyway, would you like one or more of those?

      If you like the idea, email me at claudiamcgillart@gmail.com and I can send you pictures of who is here with me right now, and you could pick, if you like.

      I’m so sorry I don’t have the other ones right now. Later on, I know I will be doing some more, but that’s later!

      Happy Monday.

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