Catching Up on Some Different Situations

I’m going to talk about several different things here. It’s time to get caught up. Here we go.

Remember the latest three painted stone figurines I mentioned? The ones I set out in separate places because I couldn’t put them in the usual spot unobserved? I’ve got them all back together now. It just seemed like something I had to do. So here they are.

I also set out a figure that I made some time ago. She’s quite heavy, so I put her in the abandoned train control box nearest the parking lot. I thought it might be easier on whoever might want her, as far as transportation to the car goes.

And here is a cat. A white cat. Another painted stone creature. I made it earlier this summer and I meant to drop it off on the porch of my collage friends Anna, Liv, Luke, and Nellie. Never got around to it. So – I took it over there when I visited last week.