In a Good Place

I took three stone lady figurines to Lorimer Park the other day, meaning to set them in the grotto (it is empty right now). But – as I left the parking lot with them in my shopping bag, a man and woman also started walking down the trail. Now, I want to stay anonymous, so either I would have to do this drop-off another time, or wander aimlessly around until I could get these two walkers out of sight, not that easy to do.

So I chose a third option. I set the figurines on locations in the hilly section of the park. Three different places. I’ve put clay figurines in a couple of these places before. It’s a new thing for stone ladies.

Here is the first lady. I’ve used this location before – you may remember it.

And the second lady. This location was new – a fallen tree not too far from the first lady. But – she didn’t stay there long. When I went to the park today, she had joined the first lady on the rock pile. Hmmmm….

Finally, Lady #3. She is set at the gate to Fox Chase Farm, which is located next to the park. This location is another one I used for a clay figurine. What a wonderful view this spot commands. It’s a good place to stop and lean on the gate and just look out.

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    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I hope so. I know people do pay attention to what happens to them – I’ve had several conversations with other trail-users about them, always acting as if I know nothing, of course!

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