Paper Dolls, Candidly Speaking

When I scanned the paper dolls I made recently, I also did a few “candid” pictures. Meaning I stacked or arranged them on the scanner without knowing what the image would bring – since I was setting them in place upside down, from my viewpoint.

I like the idea of randomness in art and in life. Chance. Serendipity. The thought of finding a best friend in school solely because you were seated next to each other in second grade. The answer to a problem overhead in the words of a fellow commuter train passenger.

You know what I mean. These paper dolls allowed me to be random chance, in a small way. It was fun.

4 thoughts on “Paper Dolls, Candidly Speaking

  1. mim4mail

    I like these random groupings very much. They’re like crowd scenes! Like conversations! There’s much to be said about randomness in a positive way and these demonstrate that. Brava!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I was kind of surprised how these groupings turned out – relationships created, mixing and matching. Like watching people on the train or in the street as they pass along! I’m going to make more of these people. There is something satisfying about it.

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