Pen and Paper and Then See What Happens

Here are some Artist Trading Cards – the drawings were made in late 2013 and then I decided to paste them on to ATC-sized backgrounds not too long ago.

What’s the story here? Well, I bought several pens with waterproof ink to try out last year. And I had a tiny drawing pad, just the size of an ATC, that I bought for some reason and then didn’t use. I started to make drawings in this little pad using my new pens (all of which worked well and I can’t choose a favorite…).

Once the pad was used up, I thought it would be fun to color the drawings. I used watered-down acrylics and did a simple wash using only a few colors in each one.

A pile of colorful little images resulted – and once I got back to doing art after my last hand surgery, I thought they’d make nice ATCs. And they did!

So here is a selection. I have some more that I haven’t glued to cardboard yet, so maybe there will be more from this project later on.

Also, I bought another of those little drawing pads, so who knows…

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