Inhabitants of an Odd World

Here are some Artist Trading Cards from back in the winter, before my hand surgery (I’m still catching up!).

I saw the streaks of paint as people, and things just happened from there.

Think of the kind of place where people like this live. Probably a very interesting town.

4 thoughts on “Inhabitants of an Odd World

  1. slmann

    I like how you used colorful broad brush strokes and the expressions fit each character. My favorite is the lady in the black dress. – Sharon

  2. Sheila Evans

    I love the electrical outlet. I bet they live near Philly. And I bet they have some hefty stick friends.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Innumerable stick friends if I have my way!

      And it goes to show you that even magicians need to stay in the real world – pay that electric bill or else.!

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