Not Just a Pile of Stones

I walked today in Lorimer Park, a site I’ve mentioned before. Today I walked along the rail trail enjoying the warm, sunny morning – what a beautiful day. I decided to detour along one of the trails on the interior of the park. It’s quite hilly there and I haven’t walked on these paths in a while.

Just as I started along I saw a pile of stones arranged against a big tree. I don’t know why it was there, but they were carefully stacked. The site just cried out for a woman figurine, I thought. I know what I’ll do…

I walked back to the main entrance of the park along this shady trail. I took my time, enjoying the sound of the creek – the path runs along it. And when I got back to the parking lot, I selected a figurine (yes, I’ve been keeping some in my car, just in case the right situation arises for one) and took her back out to the rock pile.

I set her in place. She fit right in. And I think she looks very satisfied.

One thing I noticed – if you look at the tree trunk in the mid-range view, just above the figurine, to the right, do you see a mouth, maybe just about to smile?

A lot of interesting things happen in Lorimer Park…

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